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Great quality leather! Lots of storage ! Overall smaller size wallet but I like it !
Very comfortable and a perfect fit.
Order a size down
Perfect for front or back pockets, holds everything I have room for me. Sleek and slim. Have received several compliments.
ignore the 1 star reviews. either they have the wrong product or can not figure out how to use the belt which is sad.
everyone gripes about nothing being made in the USA and here we have a great idea, great item and its about the same price of the belts I see at the stores and made in the US. people want everything for 10 bucks, then go by chinese crap and stop complaining.

this belt works as advertised and has a nice sleek look to it. no complaints whatsoever.
This are 1 star sunglasses. Wobbly and got super foggy i tried to clean it but it was still so foggy that i couldn't drive. I was happy to toss it away in a bin.
Bought the 2t, and they fit my 3t perfectly.
I am a female buying these socks for myself, and all I have to say is, good price and good quality
Not depicted to be so long in length, not adjustable.
I'm a fan of these products. I however prefer the distressed hat's because it's shallower and gives me a better fit.
Very Happy
Great gift for a new driver that you love.
Great product and fast shipping.
It’s gorgeous but a bit too large and chunky
Love this purse it is the second one I have bought but it is cheaply made. The zipper stops working a lot.
It's a sock. A little thick, but good quality.
A great, very great, and believe me, product to use instead of toilet paper.
Very nice my son loves them.
I was wearing the same hat for many years. So it was time to upgrade my look. Thanks to this vendor I made the correct choice of purchase. The quality and overall fit was as expected. Thank you so much vendor and Amazon.
The toggle on the cord really sucks and doesn't work very well, so adjusting the strap is annoying. And the brim is a bit moldable, which makes folding up the hat super easy, but it sits kind of funny when you take it out again. After wearing it for a few days while camping, I just tucked the strap inside the hat rather than try to deal with the toggle... and gave up on trying to make the brim look normal.
I like that it is small but fits the cards I need in there
The joints feel pretty strong and the polarized screens are really a joy to use.
These are comfortable and fun for my daughter. She likes the colors and the fit.
Got these for my wife for our “copper” anniversary. She loves the style, but they’re very flimsy and creak with the slightest twist. They’re also not very dark in direct sunlight. She noticed scratches on the lenses after our first drive in the convertible and has only used the included cloth to clean them. We later realized the scratches were from her hair blowing around. I’m very disappointed in the quality and it’s clear that you’re only paying for the name.
This belt is a nice heavy leather with a strong buckle
Did the job
My daughter bought as a gift for her friend who wanted Pura Vida bracelets. These were a much less expensive option and her friend loves them!!
This accessory can cook in the instant pot multiple items at once!
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