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6 foot painting canvas_6 year old canvas painting ideas

liked the saying
Perfect from the top, a little bit tight from the waist
Decent product for the price. But you can definitely tell they are inexpensive.
I like it alot and it fit great.
Great clip with a strong magnet
Great, but not good for sending hubby out of house in, with no pockets....
Great shorts for what I need them for.
Received my wallet and I love it !!
Came with no directions. Not happy about this.
I like how durable it is but tie a bit tighter
I have a rather large head, and saw the reviews that this fits a large head.

It fit with some extra room right out of the box.

Pretty great, and fits low if you want it to cover your face when you til your head down.

I like it.
Beautiful piece. the chain is very sturdy and shiny. my sister loved it!
My niece loves this watch I gave her for her birthday! It's a rather classy watch for a girl and one she should be able to grow with for a while. Easy to read and seems to keep time well.
these pants are easy to care for, hard to wrinkle and look nice.
like i said i just don't understand why the small belt loops so I have to go and buy new belts to fit these pants.
color fades quickly. Bummer.
the inside of the waist band is white and can be seen when a shirt is tucked in and makes the pants look cheap and unprofessional. I use a sharpie to try to darken it but need to reapply every few washes cause it fades.
Hate ordering clothes online. Ordered these in a size bigger according to the reviews. They are huge and I will probably never wear them. Not sure if I can send them back
I have boys. Boys need socks often. Nuff said.
Very good belt
The pre-shaped visor food was a little off but this hat is great. I have a large head. I keep it on the last two holes. This hat is easily deep enough which is usually hard to find. I also like the message. Go out and do something.
A perfect fit for my 10 and 12 yr old
thanks !
Great product. Scrub harder than you think and you’ll see all the dead skin coming off
I love the RFID wallet. Protecting my credit cards
I’ve Owen a few minimalist wallets over the years and this one is by far one of the most well made and presented I’ve owned. It came in a nice leather box with 4 different colored bands all made of great quality, and I love the design how to fan out your cards you simply squeeze the wallet together. Great quality wallet, would highly recommend
This is a great belt. It is stylish and it is durable. A much better value than what you can find in most department stores.
The anchor portion of the stay is comfortable and not too tight around the leg, however the strap adjustments do not stay in place. I adjusted the straps to correct length. As soon as I sat down or placed tension on the straps, the adjustment gave way and slipped to the end of the strap. I've looked these over and cannot see anything that I did wrong. So far I'm disappointed, but waiting for feedback from the shipper to see if there's a corrective action before I send them back.
My husband loves these sweatpants and you cannot beat the price! They are soft and comfortable, even after many washes. I definitely want to buy a couple more pairs for him when the weather gets colder.
These were cute but too small for my 3 year old granddaughter. I didn't want to pull them open more because I didn't want them to pinch her finger; back they went
Considering the low cost, this is a solid performer. Everyone is different so I found the thighs a bit tight for climbing or knew raises but not so tight that they were uncomfortable. The material is rugged and durable but not quite as soft and pliable as some other products. I liked these enough to have bought a second pair.
i ordered 2 more colors!!!!
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