design ur own phone case

Photos on canvas are one of the most exciting interior design trends currently. The customizability and personalization of canvas prints allows you to create a more welcoming home. Additionally, the affordability of canvas prints makes them highly desirable. 


Photos On Canvas


design ur own phone case

Photos on canvas are printed onto canvas material. This material is very similar to what artists paint on but is designed for printing. Today, canvas is made of cotton or polyester. While polyester is more affordable to use than cotton, it does not absorb ink as well as cotton, resulting in a dull photo on canvas. uses cotton blended canvas because photos look so much better when printed to cotton rather than polyester. Custom cotton blended canvas brings life to images with sharp details and clarity. The high-resolution helps to show even the smallest details of a photograph. Additionally, custom cotton blended canvas absorbs ink much better than polyester. This is because polyester is stiffer than cotton and does not allow the fibers to soak in the ink.

Custom cotton blended photos on canvas can last for decades with minimal fading, while polyester canvas that many brands use is prone to fade in a few short years. When printing the photos that you hold dearly, they must be represented well by the canvas print and show the true characteristics of the image.

Using high-quality inks is also very important. We suggest the use of UV curable inks for a few reasons. During the printing process, a chemical reaction occurs that waterproofs the inks on our sizes up to 18” x 24”. Even more importantly, these inks dry almost instantly meaning no ink will be lost in the process. Retaining this ink results in a canvas print that is more full of color. 

The other main material to make a canvas print is the wood frame that the photos on canvas are mounted to. If a weak wood is used, the print will be susceptible to warping and water damage. The wood that uses is sourced from the southern United States and made to withstand the test of time.

design ur own phone case

Nearly any photo is a great photo to be printed on canvas. The personalized nature of photos on canvas lends itself well to individual preferences. As long as the photo is good quality and not blurry, it will turn out nicely when printed to canvas.

To determine if a photo is good quality, start by setting your camera settings high. We recommend setting the camera to at least 72 PPI. PPI, or pixels per inch, is the amount of tiny dots that make up an image. The more of these dots your image has, the more clarity it will possess. Any modern smartphone or camera developed within the past five years has the ability to take photos of this quality. 

In terms of image content, that is truly up to you. Maybe you have a favorite family photo, pet portrait, or sports memorabilia that you want to display every day. A photo on canvas fits all of these instances and more.

Photos on canvas are meant to be all about your favorite memories. We’ve designed our website and priced our products to allow you to spend more time and money on creating those memories rather than printing them. Our online canvas designer automatically suggests the best canvas size for your image, although you are welcome to choose from our over 1,000 custom sizes. In less than 10 minutes, you can have a beautiful canvas print ordered for the price of a tank of gas.

design ur own phone case

With so many companies offering custom canvas prints, it is easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start. It is also easy to get dupped and buy a cheap canvas that is made overseas. This is why’s canvases are 100% American made.

We understand that the photos that you are uploading to print to canvas carry a lot of sentimental value. This is the reason we work so hard to make every customer happy. From the second you visit our website, rest assured that our number one priority is to make you happy and provide you with a quality product at an affordable price. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee just in case your print is anything less than perfect.

design ur own phone case

Photos on canvas first started to become popular about 10 years ago. With eCommerce rising in popularity, companies started to offer custom canvas as an alternative to traditional framed prints and wall art. 

However, photos on canvas first date back to the 1870s. During this time scenic photographs were transferred to canvas. However, it wasn’t until the 1970s that photos were directly printed onto canvas. Through time and trial & error, methods have developed that have made canvas printing faster, higher-quality, and more affordable. 

One of the first known uses of canvas as a material for art was in the late 12th century in the Song dynasty. Early canvas paintings were on canvas made from flax, hemp, or silk. It is great to see how technology has progressed to allow for photos on canvas to be printed with high-quality and long-lasting inks and canvas. 

Photos on canvas are a great way to print your favorite photos to canvas. These canvas prints can last a lifetime and add a great personal touch to your space. Images from weddings, nature, sporting events, family reunions, and more all shine when printed to canvas.

Our photos on canvas are offered with a variety of customization options including next-day shipping. Each canvas print is shipped ready to hang and takes no time to hang and show off to all of your friends and family. These prints make for great gifts to family and friends, and even as a treat to yourself. Visit our idea gallery for more great ideas to print on canvas. 

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design ur own phone case

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design ur own phone case

design ur own phone case

These are very cozy/warm and the designs are super cute, just what baby needed.
Good value----feels good
I gave these to some homeless gentlemen, so can't review the product.
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soft great
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Not my first time buying these, but it is my first time with this colour. Fits great, feels great, breathes great...I could do with a tiny bit less breathability and a little more fabric, since the thigh area tends to wear out after a few months.
Lots of pockets. Distributes the weight. Wide shoulder strap for comfort. Great bag.
Love it! Me encantaron y por el precio nada mal. Son livianas, los colores tal como en las fotos. Lleg bien empacado. Recomiendo esta compra.
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Has worked flawlessly. If you have more than a few keys, get it - your pockets will thank you. Just a little hint - the 4 "pole positions" are the most outer keys in the device - put your most commonly used keys in these positions, as the outer ones are the easiest to get to quickly (i.e. give some thought to the order you place the keys in the device).
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keychain fell apart on a Hike and I lost the components and my keys. royally pissed
Perfect shell to keep out rain
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